Studio Services

  • Musical Production

    We help you structure and arrange your musical ideas. Bring us your demos and we’ll get to work on perfecting your creations.


    We record your music projects, radio and/or TV spots, voiceovers and dubbing, all in a comfortable facility boasting the very best equipment.


    We mix your songs using a wide range of the best digital and analogue equipment.

  • Post-production

    We carry out all the sound-related post-production tasks in the audiovisual area, including foleys, sound effects, ambient noise and dubbing.


    We film your creative process in the studio, from start to finish, providing you with an edited and mixed music video of your songs.

  • Digitalization

    Bring us your tapes, cassettes and LPs and we’ll digitalise them so that you can enjoy them on a computer, mobile phone or wherever you want.

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